Container Gardening - You can grow beautiful plants and delicious vegetables in containers!

Container Gardening - You can grow beautiful plants and delicious vegetables in containers!

Container Gardening in your Home

If you didn't know before, you do now! Gardening is about more than maintaining a big garden. You can enjoy this wonderful hobby without having an outdoor garden. This seems contradictory right? Well, we would like to introduce you to Container Gardening. There are a large variety of vegetables, herbs as well as flowers that you can grow in containers and place them strategically around your home, patio and balcony to create a garden haven in small spaces.



The Antirrhinum, better known as a Snapdragon, is a beautiful variety that bees love! Madame Butterfly has a bright array of colours and long stems that make them ideal to use as cut flowers or in a large, beautiful container as a centre piece on your dining room table The unusually shaped flowers of Madame Butterfly is sure to stop any guest in their tracks!


Hanging Baskets

Planting a variety of petunia's into hanging baskets can add a variety of colour to any small area. They also have the added advantage of being off the floor and take up virtually no space! Petunia's, Fuchsia's, Begonia's and the ever popular Impatiens (Busy Lizzie) are available in a variety of colours and designs and are varieties that do well in hanging baskets.


Indoor Edible Plants

If you are looking for functional indoor plants, have a look at this range of Kitchen and Patio Container plants, from Chili's and Peppers to Herbs, Egg Fruit (aubergines/Brinjals) and more. You can grow hybrid varieties of plants that are Micro in size but massive in flavour!


Not looking for indoor colour? We have just the variety of foliage!


Dichondra Silver Falls 

This unique cascading variety is ideal for hanging baskets around the home and on the patio. This variety is drought resistant and loves direct sun. The silver rounded leaves will give a unique ambience to your home. Make sure to plant it in well-draining soil for best, long-term results.


Coleus Black Dragon

As long as this beautiful foliage plant is kept in bright light, the Coleus Black  Dragon will thrive! The unique red and dark burgundy leaves will stand out in your home. 



Cineraria Silver Dust 

This unique silver look, shade loving plant is perfect for indoor foliage. The Cineraria is also known as the "Dusty Millar" and has feathery leaves with a silver-white colour. A fantastic addition to any home, especially for that "festive-season" feeling!


Have a look at your objectives for your Container Garden and plan your pot plants around it. Evaluate your light requirements, shaded or sunny, and use this as a guide for where you can position your favourite plants. We have a helpful guide on each variety on whether the plant requires full sun, part sun/shade or full shade.

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