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Grow your own with Gro-Pak

Welcome to retro-gardening with a twist. Remember Gro-Pak Seeds brought to you by Straathof's? We're so excited to be back. What's the twist you ask? Gro-Pak still offers your old and traditional favourites but now has some new fancy things thrown in to suit the modern day gardener. We are a brand of a well established South African horticultural company with a vast experience in sourcing and distributing high quality seed and plants. Place your order today for high quality seed at great prices. If you'd like to know more about our wholesale business, please send us an email. 

 A bit of history: From his little store in Johannesburg, Kees Straathof established the Gro-Pak brand in 1969. Gro-Pak came to represent quality and innovation and we were immensely proud to re-introduce this tradition in 2020 with a range of seed specifically sourced for your success. 

Our promise to you is:

  • Great customer service
  • Technical support, including our own growing experience with seedlings
  • Amazing products that help you grow delicious produce and beautiful flowers

Contact us if you'd like to chat or find out more about our superior range of products, we're happy to help.