Microgreen Useful Tips


Harvest times

Microgreens have a quick turnaround time, however, it varies by variety. Most vegetable varieties grown as microgreens are ready to harvest in approximately 2 weeks. Brassicas, mustard and radish mature faster than carrots, beets or chard. Using herbs as microgreens is also a great option, but they tend to be slower and will mature in 16 – 25 days. Environmental conditions will also have an effect on growth.

Radish – 9 days
Peas – 15 days
Sunflower – 15 days
Beetroot – 12-18 days


Growing Information 

The size of the seed will determine the best method of planting. The seeding density should be thick enough to cover the tray, but not too much that it inhibits air flow as that will allow more chance for disease.

Small seeds: 10–12 seeds/6cm2
Medium to large seeds: 6–8 seeds/6cm2
Radish – 80g per tray
Sunflower – 150g per tray
Pea’s – 200g per tray
Beetroot – 50g per tray
Swiss chard – 90g per tray

Sprinkle seeds in to a tray after soaking them for 24 hours. Make sure the medium is also saturated. Sow seeds and then stack trays for compression, this also helps germination. Once seeds are sprouting spread trays out to allow them to grow.

Alternatively, cover small seeds with paper towels or vermiculite, and large seed with a light layer of the growing medium. Water gently, and ideally cover with a clear or white plastic dome to keep the humidity and help the seed germinate. Like its own mini greenhouse. If it’s sunny and warm – make sure you remove the cover and allow ventilation else you could hinder germination. The paper towels can be removed after a few days.

Temperature will be variety specific, but 18 to 24 degrees Celsius can be viewed as the optimum range. A few cold nigh temps won’t effect growth too much, but ideally higher temperatures will encourage quicker growth. 

You can only harvest/cut your microgreens once – so if you are looking to get continuous greens, do multiple successive sowings.