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Alocasia Cuprea (Red Secret) Seedlings

Alocasia spp

Alocasia Cuprea (Red Secret) Seedlings

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Alocasia requires bright, filtered light, a humid atmosphere and frequent watering (little and often). 

Alocasia's do not like being waterlogged, so be careful not to over water them. Place a drip tray under the pot, if there is water in the tray - empty it regularly. This will also help to prevent disease and root rot. Water less often during the winter months. 

Place your Alocasia away from drafts or extreme temperature changes.

Feed your Alocasia during the spring and summer months with a balanced fertliser.

Alocasia's are toxic to pets and humans, if ingested seek medical attention immediately.

Plant Information

Plant Type: Indoor Plant

Growing Information

General Sowing Time: All Year

Position: Filtered Sun / Shade

Sow Depth:



Days to Harvest:


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