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Anigozanthos Celebrations Aussie Spirit Seedlings

Anigozanthos humilis x flavidus

Anigozanthos Celebrations Aussie Spirit Seedlings

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Although we have added this stunning collection of Kangaroo's Paw seedlings to our Indoor Plant collection, these do best when placed outside. You can plant them in a pot or directly into your garden to really get the most out of these uniquely stunning plants.

Also known as Kangaroo’s paw, these hardy plants boast bright flowers from spring through to autumn. Plants are naturally compact and hardy. Anigozanthus are a clump-forming perennial that is ideal for the landscape and in containers. 

Plant Information

Plant Type: Perennial

Growing Information

General Sowing Time: Summer

Position: Full Sun Outdoors

Sow Depth:



Days to Harvest:


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