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Capsicum California Wonder - Green Bell Pepper Seedlings

Capsicum frutescens

Capsicum California Wonder - Green Bell Pepper Seedlings

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Capsicum California Wonder is a variety of sweet bell pepper. It is known for its large, blocky shape, and its thick walls, which make it an excellent choice for stuffing and cooking.

California Wonder peppers typically grow to be around 10 cm wide and 10 cm tall, although they can sometimes grow larger. They have a mild, sweet flavour, with a crisp, crunchy texture. The flesh is juicy and tender, making it ideal for use in a wide range of dishes.

This variety is easy to grow. It requires full sun and well-drained soil, and it can be grown in containers or in the ground.

Plant Information

Plant Type: Vegetable

Growing Information

General Sowing Time: Spring/Summer

Position: Full Sun

Sow Depth:

Spacing: 40 x 45 cm


Days to Harvest:


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