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Capsicum Carolina Reaper - Chili Seed

Capsicum chinense x frutescens

Capsicum Carolina Reaper - Chili Seed

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**WARNING** Capsicum Carolina Reaper is officially rated the second hottest pepper in the world as ranked by Guinness Records. The average Scoville unit measurement is a whopping 1.5 million and peaks at 2.2 million. The devilish looking fruits are fiery red with a unique little stinger tail.

Reapers take longer to produce ripe fruits than many other capsicums.

Please take precaution when handling the seeds and harvesting the grown fruits. Be sure to wash your hands after handling as sensitive skin, including eyes and mouth, my burn.

It is best to handle both the seeds and fruits with gloves and avoid touching skin as it may burn. The seeds have properties that will burn almost as much as the fruits

Plant Information

Plant Type: Vegetable

Growing Information

General Sowing Time: Spring/Summer

Position: Full sun

Sow Depth: 0.5cm

Spacing: 80cm

Germination: 7 - 21 days

Days to Harvest: 150 to 180 days


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