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Capsicum Jalapeno Chili Seedlings

Capsicum annuum

Capsicum Jalapeno Chili Seedlings

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Capsicum Jalapeno is a type of chili pepper that is commonly used in Mexican cuisine. It is a medium-sized chili pepper, typically about 5cm to 7 cm long and 2cm wide, and it is known for its moderate heat and distinctive flavour.
The Jalapeno pepper has a thick, waxy skin that is usually a bright green colour when unripe and turns to red or brown when mature. The flesh of the pepper is thick and juicy and contains seeds and veins that can be removed to reduce the heat.
Jalapeno peppers can also be stuffed with cheese, meat, or other fillings and baked or grilled.

Days from transplant to harvest: 75-80 
Fruit size (L x W): 7,5 x 4 cm
Colour: Green/Red
Heat Level: 2 (5 is hottest)

Plant Information

Plant Type: Annual

Growing Information

General Sowing Time: Summer

Position: Full Sun

Sow Depth:



Days to Harvest:


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