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Dianthus Jolt Pink Seed

Dianthus barbatus interspecific

Dianthus Jolt Pink Seed

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(Approx 10 seeds)

Pronounced as "dai-an-thuhs". Shocking Summer Colour! Highly durable Dianthus Jolt Series withstands hot Summer conditions with few disease issues and continues to flower without setting seed. The bright, radiant blooms contrast well with strong dark green foliage.

Common Names include: Pinks, Carnation

Height: 40cm to 50cm

Spread: 30cm to 35cm

Plant Information

Plant Type: Annual

Growing Information

General Sowing Time: Spring to Early Autumn

Position: Full Sun

Sow Depth: 1mm

Spacing: 30cm

Germination: 14-21 days

Days to Harvest:


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