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Leeks Carentan Seed

Allium porum

Leeks Carentan Seed

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(Approx 1,500 seeds)

Carentan leeks, also known as "Leeks de Carentan" in French, are a type of leek that originates from the town of Carentan in Normandy, France.
These leeks are prized for their sweet, delicate flavour and tender texture. They have a long, slender white stalk and dark green leaves that form a fan-like shape at the top. Carentan leeks are typically harvested in the winter and early spring months and are a popular ingredient in soups, stews, and quiches.
In addition to their culinary uses, Carentan leeks are rich in vitamins A and C, as well as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.
Overall, Carentan leeks are highly regarded for their unique flavour and versatility in the kitchen, and are considered a staple ingredient in many kitchens.

Long, thick stems on vigorous and fast growing plants. Delicate, and mild flavour is great fresh or cooked. Very adaptable and yields are good.

Length: 20-25 cm

Plant Information

Plant Type: Vegetable

Growing Information

General Sowing Time: Spring Or Autumn/Winter

Position: Sun

Sow Depth: 3 mm

Spacing: 15 x 15 cm

Germination: 14 - 21 days

Days to Harvest: 70 - 130 days

Temperature: 15 - 25° C

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