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Lucerne Aurora Seed

Medicago sativa

Lucerne Aurora Seed

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(Approx 4,400 seeds)

Lucerne, also known as alfalfa, is a legume that is grown widely for its nutritious forage, hay and seed. The seeds of the lucerne plant are small, oval-shaped, and usually light brown in colour. They can vary in size, but typically are about 2-3mm in diameter.
Lucerne seeds are commonly used in the production of sprouts, which are often added to salads or sandwiches for added nutrition and flavour. 
Grows to about 30-60cm

**WARNING** the seed sold is not suitable for human or animal consumption. 

Plant Information

Plant Type: Vegetable

Growing Information

General Sowing Time: Spring / Autumn

Position: Sun

Sow Depth: 0.5cm

Spacing: 30cm

Germination: 7 - 14 days

Days to Harvest:


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