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Margaret Roberts Organic Insecticide

Margaret Roberts Organic Insecticide

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Organic insecticide for the control of small bodied insects.
Contains: garlic juice extract and canola oil. Authorized for use in organic agriculture by ECOCERT SA F-32600.

Treatment for: Aphids, red spider mite, white fly, mealy bug, scale, Australian bug

Environmental hazard: Canola kills targeted small bodied insects on contact by means of suffocation. Garlic keeps insects away from plants. Low impact on bigger bodied beneficial insects and natural predators.

Harmless to fish, birds, wild life, pets and humans. Never allow oil formulations to form a layer over water surfaces, huge quantities of any oil will cut off oxygen supply to aquatic organisms which can result in harm to aquatic life like frogs etc. No harmful toxic residues for prolonged periods. No secondary poisoning. Formulations can be phototoxic to sensitive plant varieties at highest dosage rates. Short persistency in the environment. Harvesting of edible crops possible within 24 hours.

For use on: Herbs, vegetables, fruit, salads, roses, ornamentals, bulbs

Dosage: 150 to 200 ml per 10 liter water

Supplied as 200 ml or 500 ml plastic bottle, foil sealed with childproof cap.

Reg. no L 7149 Act36/47

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