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Margaret Roberts Supercharger Liquid Fertilizer

Margaret Roberts Supercharger Liquid Fertilizer

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Organic Supercharger is a water-soluble organic liquid plant food concentrate Formulated from sterilized blood, bone and carcass meal.

Product contains: Nitrogen (80.0 g/kg N); Phosphorous(20.0 g/kg P); Potassium (60.0 g/kg K).
Plus trace elements: Magnesium (7.0 g/kg Mg); Calcium (6.0 g/kg Ca); Sulphur (4.0 g/kg S); Iron (6.0 g/kg Fe); Copper (0.1 g/kg Cu); Zinc (1.0 g/kg Zn); Manganese (4.0 g/kg Mn); Boron (0.23 g/kg B); Molybdenum (0.15 g/kg Mo).
Growth stimulant: 0.003 g/kg Gibberellic acid.

Present contents not organically certified.

For use on houseplants, acid loving and all flowering plants, vegetables, herbs, seedlings, groundcovers, fruit bearing plants and lawns. Organic Supercharger contains all the macro as well as micronutrients plus a growth stimulant.

Dosage: 5 ml per 3 liter water. A 500 ml concentrate is enough plant food for 150 liter of diluted mixture or to treat 150 meter square lawn or seedlings.

Harmless to fish, birds, wild life, earthworms, micro-organisms, pets and humans. No harmful toxic residues. No secondary poisoning.

Supplied as 500 ml plastic bottle, foil sealed with childproof cap.

Reg. no L 6979 and K 6058 Act36/47

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