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Mealie Green Kalahari Early Pearl Seed

Zea mays

Mealie Green Kalahari Early Pearl Seed

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(Approx 100 seeds)

Mealie Green Kalahari Early Pearl is a type of maize variety that is typically grown in semi-arid areas, particularly in the Kalahari region of southern Africa. This variety is known for its early maturity and ability to produce a good yield even in challenging growing conditions. 

Kalahari Early Pearl is a hardy and versatile crop that is well-suited to arid regions where water is scarce and temperatures are high.

Cob length: approximately 18cm

Plant Information

Plant Type: Annual

Growing Information

General Sowing Time: Spring/ Summer

Position: Sun

Sow Depth: 10 mm

Spacing: 10 x 75 cm

Germination: 8 - 10 days

Days to Harvest: 90 - 100 days

Temperature: 20 - 30° C

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