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Rudbeckia Denver Daisy Seed

Rudbeckia hirta

Rudbeckia Denver Daisy Seed

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(Approx 25 seeds)

Pronounced as "ruhd-beh-kee-uh". The Denver Daisy Rudbeckia is a big-bloomed variety that creates wonderful effects in landscapes and containers. This variety has an eye-catching, bicolour, 15 to 20-cm blooms adorn the well-branched plants.

Height: 55cm to 65cm

Spread: 38cm to 50cm

Plant Information

Plant Type: Perennial

Growing Information

General Sowing Time: Spring / Autumn

Position: Full sun

Sow Depth: 1mm

Spacing: 7cm X 10cm

Germination: 14 to 21 days

Days to Harvest:


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